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In-network Aggregation Research

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Published in 2023

In this year, some works are proposed to simplify the development and expand the application scenario of in-network aggregation.

  • ClickINC: In-network Computing as a Service in Heterogeneous Programmable Data-center Networks, SIGCOMM 23, Wenfei Wu
  • NetRPC: Enabling In-Network Computation in Remote Procedure Calls, NSDI 23, Wenfei Wu
  • A Generic Service to Provide In-Network Aggregation for Key-Value Streams, ASPLOS 23 (Distinguished Paper Award), Wenfei Wu
  • In-Network Aggregation with Transport Transparency for Distributed Training, ASPLOS 23, Wenfei Wu

Additionaly, some works are proposed to improve the performance of in-network aggregation.

  • A2TP: Aggregator-aware In-network Aggregation for Multi-tenant Learning, Eurosys 23, Zhaoyi Li at CSU

Published in 2022

In fact, papers listed below do not strictly relate to in-network aggregation. They either discuss the performance of novel programmable chip under INA workloads (Trio) or propose works on running tasks related to DNN with programmable switches.

Published in 2021

Some papers focus on improving peformance of in-network computing from resource scheduling or programming language.

Published in 2019


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